Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Challenge

MK was challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge by one of her friends at school.

 She was up first .........

Deacon was in her list so he was next.....

and last, but not least was Miss Priss.......

she wasn't quite sure at first, but she hung in there and was laughing by the end.....we all were. 

Great memories made for a great cause!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Catching Up

Whew, it's been a while, so I decided to do a little "catching up" post of the things that I didn't want to forget.

Deacon graduated from Kindergarten.

MK received several awards at her 2nd grade Honors Program.

We attended a super regional softball game.

Deacon attended his first baseball camp and won a first place ribbon for pitching.

And we celebrated Father's Day.

And now for your viewing pleasure.............

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our First 5K

Stephen, Deacon, and I (well really me and Deacon he, he) decided LAST NIGHT that we would get up this morning and go do a 5K.  Yeah, we had not prepared at all, I haven't exercised in Heaven knows how long, and most of all I'm NOT a runner AT ALL.  But, that's how we roll! :)

We had the best time!!

We didn't come close to running the whole time.  We did though run what I would say adds up to about half of it, and  WE FINISHED IT!

Oh, and the best part.......it was a color run :) :) :)

Game face on!

We made it!

(please notice how the "blue guy" got me GOOD, 
Deacon has it all over his head and face,
 and nobody was tall enough to get any on Stephen's head/face :)

Still not a runner, but I had a fun day with my boys!

Couldn't resist one last pic......

This is what came out of Deacon's pocket tonight.....
an empty shotgun shell and camo chapstick :)
wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter and Spring Break

Even though Hannah has been home for over a year now, this was her first Easter.  She really enjoyed herself.....we all enjoyed it.

from coloring eggs in our pj's on a rainy day....

to egg hunts......


to Easter Sunday.

**funny story** At the Church egg hunt I noticed Hannah would walk past several eggs and then suddenly stop to pick up one (strange, but so cute).  She was so excited when it was over, and told us over and over, "Hannah Hello Kitty Easter Egg."   Well it being her first egg hunt I didn't think much about it......until that is, I was cleaning out her basket that night and about 5 out of the 8 eggs she found were Hello Kitty eggs!!!  That little stinker was scoping out all of the Hello Kitty eggs and getting them.  :)

Then it was on to Spring Break!!  :)  We didn't take a big trip, but we did have lots of fun on several small trips.

First, the strawberry patch,

then a couple days at the lake on the boat,

and we ended a great week on Sunday enjoying a Braves game with some great friends.

Blessed is the only way to describe it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baseball Season

Baseball Season is in full force for Stephen and Deacon, and even though I'm exhausted most of the time, complain some ;), juggle different schedules ALL of the time, and spend A LOT of time loading and unloading the car, I love it!!

I love to watch Deacon play. (yeah, I know he's only six)

Every time I see him play and his love for the game, I can't help but think of how much like his Daddy he is.

We love our ballplayer and look forward to many, many more games!


yes ladies and gentleman, this beautiful young lady is MY daughter! :)

MK just looked too pretty Sunday morning for me not to snap a few pics of her!